SQL Server 2016  DBA

SQL Server 2016 DBA


This course is a soup-to-nuts course that will teach you everything you need to build, configure a server, maintain a SQL Server disaster recovery plan, and how to design and manage a secure solution. You'll learn how to automate daily, weekly, and hourly tasks (like backups), the details of security, SQL Server clustering, replication, disaster recovery, and using jobs and database maintenance tasks. This course consists of all practical trouble shooting issue which you arise in day to day activities. Each and every topic is covered with unique case studies. This course is divided into 7 modules and totals more than 50 hours of instructor-led online/onsite training for SQL Server 2014.




This course is intended for IT Professionals who administer and maintain SQL Server databases.

No prior experience is presumed.


Hands-on/Lecture Ratio

This class is 70% hands-on, 30% lecture.


Software Needed on Each Student PC

  • Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 or Windows 7 Enterprise, with at least 4GB RAM
  • SQL Server 2014


Course Completion:

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Install and configure SQL Server 2014
  • Upgrading from older versions like 2005/2008/R2 to 2014
  • Backup and restore databases.
  • Manage security.
  • Managing indexes and finding performance bottlenecks
  • Automate administrative tasks.
  • Replicate data between SQL Server instances.
  • Maintain high availability.[log-shipping, Mirroring]
  • SQL Server 2014 Clustering implentation/administration
  • Impletementing AlwaysOn and administering AlwaysOn groups
  • Data Compression, Resource Governor, Central Management Servers
  • User defined Server roles, Contained Databases, Column store indexes
  • Performance tuning using Profiler, DTA & System monitor


All students will receive:

  • Fully-illustrated case studies course material
  • A copy of Guide to SQL Server Database Administration
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