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  • MuleSoft Course with 100% placement assistance
  • 2 Months Crash Course
  • 2 Months of Internship on Live Projects for Freshers
  • Google | Mindqsystems Certification post completing the course
  • 1 Year Free support and access for Class Videos & Reading Material

About Snowflake Course

This particular course is a 1 month advanced training program on the Snowflake. Snowflake is the best cloud based data warehousing & analytics tool. It is very unique in its approach and design hence most large sized organizations started to use this tool. The number of job openings on snowflakes are high these days as the tool started to emerge. The number of vacancies are expected to increase even more as the tool grows and more organizations start to adapt to Snowflake.

What is Mulesoft ?

  • History
  • Competitors of MuleSoft

    Module1: MuleSoft Basics and API-led connectivity

    • How to Identify modern problems in the IT industry
    • What is an application network? And what can you do by using this
    • Overview to constructing an application network based on API-led connectivity
    • An overview of web services and APIs and API directories and portal
    • How to make secure and unsecured API calls

    Module2: Designing APIs

    • Baiscs of RAML
    • Defining APIs in RAML and Creating Mock APIs to Test Their Design Before Building
    • Add APIs to Anypoint Exchange to make them discoverable.
    • Constructing API portals to teach developers how to use APIs

    Module3: Building APIs

    • Creating Mule applications 
    • Understanding of how the Flows and messages must be defined.
    • Specify message processors.
    • Using Anypoint Studio, create flow diagrams.
    • Mule applications can be built, run, and tested.
    • Using a connector, you can connect to databases.
    • To transform data, use the graphical DataWeave editor.
    • From a RAML file, create RESTful interfaces for applications. Connect API interfaces to API implementations.

    Module4: Deploying and managing APIs

    • Mule application deployment options
    • Properties can be used in Mule applications.
    • Mule applications should be deployed to CloudHub.
    • API Manager is used to create and deploy API proxies to CloudHub.
    • Restriction of API proxy access

    Module5: Modifying mule messages

    • Log message data.
    • How to Troubleshoot Mule Applications
    • Message properties can be read and written.
    • Expression Language for Mules (MEL)
    • MEL is used to write expressions.
    • Make variables

    Module6: Structuring mule applications

    • Make a reference flow and a subflow.
    • Messages are transferred between flows using the Java Virtual Machine (VM) transport.
    • Examine variable persistence in subflows and flows, as well as across transport barriers.
    • Separate configuration files should be used to encapsulate global elements.
    • Investigate the Mule project’s files and folder structure.

    Module7: Consume web services

    • Consume RESTful web services with and without parameters  
    • Consume RESTful web services that have RAML definitions    
    • Consume SOAP web services    
    • Use DataWeave to pass parameters to SOAP web services

    Module8: Handling errors

    • Various types of exception strategies
    • Flows must handle messaging exceptions.
    • Make and employ global exception handlers.
    • Create a global default exception strategy.

    Module9: Controlling message flows

    • Route messages based on conditions
    • Multicast messages
    • Filter messages
    • Validate messages

    Module10: Data weave transformations

    • Write DataWeave expressions for basic and complex XML
    • Write DataWeave expressions for JSON
    • Write DataWeave expressions for Java transformations
    • Store DataWeave transformations in external files
    • Coerce and format strings, numbers, and dates
    • Use DataWeave operators
    • Define and use custom data types
    • Call MEL functions and Mule flows from DataWeave transformations

    Module11: Connecting to additional resources

    • Connect to SaaS applications
    • Connect to files
    • Poll resources
    • Connect to JMS queues
    • Discover and install connectors not bundled with Anypoint Studio

    Module12: Processing records

    • For each scope to process items in a collection
    • Batch job element (EE) to process individual records
    • Trigger batch jobs using polls
    • Use batch jobs to synchronize data from legacy databases to SaaS applications

    Module13: Managing mule projects with maven and GitHub

    • Making a Mavenized Mule Application project from the ground up
    • Explains how and when to manage mule code when working on large projects

    Module14: Conclusion

    • Summarizing all the above discussed points here

    Module15: Practice test and interview questions

    • At MuleSoft we are providing tests for practice at the end of course along with Mulesoft Interview Question and Community Questions and Answers ect. Which will help you to crack the Interview.


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    Why Choose us for MuleSoft Training

    Expert trainers

    We at mulemasters have six certified, expert mulesoft trainers who are fully equipped and experienced in MuleSoft technology. They aim to provide quality and effective training to students from all backgrounds. The trainers we have are extremely professional and work-oriented, focused solely on the individual’s development.

    Tailored course curriculum

    The course curriculum that we offer is user-friendly and easily understandable. Our experts have structured it according to the industry requirements. The curriculum can be learnt at your own pace at any given time.


    We at Mule Masters hyderabad, offer certified mulesoft training courses. You will be rewarded with a certification after the completion of every course. Certificates will be given after closely assessing your skills and expertise towards the end of the course. Our mulesoft certified training courses in Hyderabad are valid everywhere and can be used as a merit in getting you a job in the top MNCs.

    Placement Assistance

    We at mule masters provide guaranteed placement assistance for our trainees. Our Mulesoft training program in Hyderabad is known to have a good reputation in the market. We organize various programs to improve your skill and confidence in the industry. Mock interviews, job-counselling sessions, Q&A sessions etc. To help you crack the job. We recommend our trainees to our partnered companies for a better job possibility. If you believe you can, you will with Mule masters.


     About MuleSoft Training in Hyderabad

    MuleSoft was developed in 2006; Mule being the travail donkey-work that goes into data integration that the MuleSoft platform was created to getaway with. Mule Masters offer the best Mulesoft training in Hyderabad. The mulesoft training we provide is specifically designed to train students in an effective and  powerful way. You can enhance your theoretical and technical skills by enrolling yourself in our program.

    We aim to provide the best mulesoft training that will upskill your career. We at mulemasters, offer you insights on the current data integration trends, How to design, build and develop APIS, whilst providing complete architecture of the MuleSoft technology. Mulesoft certification programs are built for everyone and are perfect for designers and architects who intend to have a flexible learning experience in the API department via the Anypoint platform.

    Our certification programs offer intermediate to advanced levels of training. Mule Masters Hyderabad,  provides 100% job assistance, extending real-time projects for practical knowledge. With Mulemasters, you can ace your ground in the IT sector and industry. Enroll with us and attend our MuleSoft training program online.

    We offer Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad, on the current data integration trends, portals, dictionaries, designing, building, developing APIs, and also on the complete architecture of the Mule Soft technology. Our Mule Soft certification program provides a beginner to advance level of training to developers and architectures who are intended to have a flexible experience in developing and integrating APIs using the Anypoint platform. Mule Soft Training in Hyderabad provides 100% placement assistance and real-time project practical sessions with the support and guidance of our Expert and Professional trainers.

    Enroll with Mule Masters for the best Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad nd get ready to face new challenges in the IT sector.

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    1. What if I miss any class?

    We are providing recorded videos of each class so in case you missed any class, you can go through the recordings and clarify your doubt with our trainer in the upcoming class.

    2. Will I get placement assistant?

    Yes, our experts will help you until you are placed.

    3. Can I attend a demo session before enrollment?

    Yes, we do provide a demo session before every training where you can clarify all your doubts before the enrolment.

    4. Who are the trainers at MuleSoft trainings?

    Here at MuleSoft we have our expert trainer with real time industry experience who are working simultaneously in the platform will providing you the training.

    5. What if I have more queries?

    You can reach out to our customer service 24/7 for all your queries.

    6. What if I am not satisfied with the training provided?

    We work on 100% student satisfaction, however, in case you are not satisfied with our training we will provide you an additional specialised training.



    The training was very informative. The trainers were very flexible and helped me with every complex topic. The structure of the curriculum was according to the relevant industry requirements. I also gained a lot of practical exposure on MuleSoft which was very valuable. I will always recommend MuleSoft training in Hyderabad for people who want to learn MuleSoft technology.


    Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad is the best training institute to learn MuleSoft. I was impressed with the trainers who help us learn the concepts with ease. The practical exposure to the industry based real-time projects of MuleSoft technology helped me build my technical skills. I am very sure that choosing this training institute will now expand my career opportunities.

    Meena Mathur

    Excellent trainers and structured curriculum. I really thank the trainers for giving both practical and theoretical sessions on MuleSoft. The information provided was accurate. This placement assistance made me feel more confident to crack any challenging interview.

    Bheema Kumar

    The Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad was very interactive and helped me to develop my technical skills. It was the best place for me to get trained on MuleSoft. There was a good focus on each individual attending the training sessions. The material was up-to-date and covered all the core concepts. This MuleSoft training has given me more of a cemented view of the MuleSoft technology.

    Shaikh Masood

    MuleSoft training in Hyderabad proved to be the best support for my career growth. The training offered helped me perfectly shape my career to find new job opportunities. The trainers were very interactive and guided me about all the MuleSoft concepts.

    Sunny Singh

    The learning experience was very good. The training was very good. Friendly atmosphere Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad offered the best training in OOPs, APIs too. Trainers guided us and cleared all our queries which helped us to enhance our skills .

    Nitin Yadav

    Training Features

    We offer a wide range of high quality teaching combined with practical, extra-curricular activities.

    Instructor-Led Training Sessions

    Our trainers are highly equipped with experience of over 12+ years and will be available to clarify and confirm any queries and details regarding the courses.

    Expert Trainers

    We have nothing but the BEST in the field of software. Our trainers are real-time experts with an impeccable record of training students, professionals and corporates.

    Flexible Schedule

    We organize classes throughout the day at our scheduled timings. You can opt in for a demo according to your plan and schedule.

    Industry Specific Scenarios

    Since our faculty belongs to the software industry, our trainers are fully aware of the concepts, upgrades and skills required in the market. They teach according to the industrial standards.

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