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  • Angular JS Training in Hyderabad with 100% placement assistance
  • 1860 testers placed in 600 companies in last 8 years
  • Angular JS Training in Hyderabad from Real-time expert trainers
  • Industry oriented training with corporate case studies
  • Angular Training with Free Aptitude classes & Mock interviews

About Angular JS Training in Hyderabad

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework designed for the development of dynamic web applications. It was initially originated by Google but is now an open source framework. It is mostly based on the HTML and JavaScript languages. With AngularJS, you can effectively add HTML pages with tags. MindQ offers a complete Angular training course in Hyderabad that is inclusive of Angular 8 and AngularJS.

Our expert professional trainers will give you extensive training and teach you the process of creating dynamic web applications and web pages. We at MindQ have the best trainers with 12+ years of professional experience who provide quality teaching to our students. Concepts like MVC Design Patterns, Single Page Application, Data Binding, Routing will be extensively covered in detail as a part of this course that will give you all the required skills to become an AngularJS developer.

A course completion certificate will be handed over to the students after the completion of the AngularJS course followed by placement assistance that will help our students get placed.

Angular JS Training in Hyderabad Curriculum

• html and css beyond basics

Angular 2/4/5/6/7
• Introduction
• What is Angular
• Architecture of Angular Apps
• Setting Up the Development Environment
• Your First Angular App
• Structure of Angular Projects
• Webpack
• Angular Version History
• Course Structure

TypeScript Fundamentals
• Basic Setup
• Introduction
• What is TypeScript?
• Your First TypeScript Program
• Declaring Variables
• Types
• Type Assertions
• Arrow Functions
• Interfaces
• Classes
• Objects
• Constructors
• Access Modifiers
• Access Modifiers in Constructor Parameters
• Properties
• Modules

Angular Fundamentals
• Introduction
• Building Blocks of Angular Apps
• Components
• Generating Components Using Angular CLI
• Templates
• Directives
• Services
• Dependency Injection
• Generating Services Using Angular CLI

Displaying Data and Handling Events
• Introduction
• Property Binding
• Attribute Binding
• Adding Bootstrap
• Class Binding
• Style Binding
• Event Binding
• Event Filtering
• Template Variables
• Two-way Binding
• Pipes
• Custom Pipes

• Introduction
• ngIf
• Hidden Property
• ngSwitchCase
• ngFor
• ngFor and Change Detection
• ngFor and Trackby
• The Leading Asterisk
• ngClass
• ngStyle
• Creating Custom Directives

Template-driven Forms

• Introduction
• Building a Bootstrap Form
• Types of Forms
• ngModel
• Adding Validation
• Specific Validation Errors
• Styling Invalid Input Fields
• Cleaner Templates
• ngForm
• ngModelGroup
• Control Classes and Directives
• Disabling the Submit Button
• Working with Check Boxes
• Working with Drop-down Lists
• Working with Radio Buttons

Reactive Forms
• Introduction
• Building a Bootstrap Form
• Creating Controls Programmatically
• Adding Validation
• Specific Validation Errors
• Implementing Custom Validation
• Asynchronous Operations
• Asynchronous Validators
• Showing a Loader Image
• Validating the Form Input Upon Submit
• Nested FormGroups
• FormArray
• FormBuilder

Consuming HTTP Services
• Introduction
• JSONPlaceHolder
• Getting Data
• Creating Data
• Updating Data
• Deleting Data
• OnInit Interface
• Separation of Concerns
• Extracting a Service
• Handling Errors
• Handling Unexpected Errors
• Handling Expected Errors
• Throwing Application-specific Errors
• Handling Bad Request Errors
• Importing Observable Operators and Factory Methods
• The Map Operator
• Observables vs Promises

Routing and Navigation
• Introduction
• Routing in a Nutshell
• Configuring Routes
• RouterOutlet
• RouterLink
• RouterLinkActive
• Getting the Route Parameters
• Why Route Parameters Are Observables
• Routes with Multiple Parameters
• Query Parameters
• Programmatic Navigation

Authentication and Authorization

• Introduction
• Application Overview
• Architecture
• JSON Web Tokens
• Starter Code
• Implementing Login
• Implementing Logout
• Showing or Hiding Elements
• Showing or Hiding Elements based on the User’s Role
• Getting the Current User
• CanActivate Interface
• Redirecting Users After Logging In
• Protecting Routes Based on the User’s Role
• Accessing Protected API Resources


• Introduction
• Preparing for Deployment
• JIT vs AOT Compilation
• Angular Compiler in Action
• Building Applications with Angular CLI
• Environments
• Adding Custom Environments
• Linting with Angular CLI
• Linting in VSCode
• Other Deployment Options


• Introduction
• Examples of Animations
• Different Ways to Create Animations
• Angular Animations
• Importing the Animations Module and Polyfills
• Implementing a Fade-in Animation
• Implementing a Fade-out Animation
• States
• Transitions
• Animatable Properties

Angular Material 2
• Introduction
• What is Angular Material
• Installing Angular Material
• Check Boxes
• Radio Buttons
• Selects
• Inputs
• Text Areas
• Date Pickers
• Icons
• Buttons
• Chips
• Progress Spinners
• Tooltips
• Tabs
• Dialogs
• Passing Data to Dialogs
• Other Components

Client Side Concepts (CSC)


  • Basic Tags and Structure
  • Text and Fonts, Creating Lists
  • Building the Site/Creating Links
  • Working with Images, Creating Tables
  • Designing Website using Tables
  • Creating Frames, Inline Frames
  • Framesets Creating Forms
  • video tag
  • audio tag DOCTYPE declaration
  • W3C Standards
  • DIV & SPAN
  • Designing Website using DIV


  • Style Sheet Basics
  • Classes & IDs
  • Setting Font and Text Styles
  • Background Properties
  • Box Properties
  • Lists & Pseudo classes
  • border
  • padding & Margin Properties
  • CSS Menus & Positions

JavaScript & DHTML

  • Introduction
  • Scripting Basics
  • Functions
  • Working with Objects
  • String Object
  • Array Object
  • Math & Date
  • Objects
  • DOM (Document Object Model)
  • DOM Hierarchy
  • Window Object
  • Navigator
  • Location
  • Screen Objects
  • Link Objects
  • History Objects
  • Select Objects Working with Forms
  • Event Handling
  • Form Validation
  • DHTML Form Validation


  • Introduction
  • CSS selectors
  • Effects & Animations
  • Form Validation
  • jQuery with Ajax
  • jQuery with Database.

Server side content

SSC Session  1 — Web Basics

  • Web Architecture
  • XAMPP Installation
  • PHP,APACHE,MYSQL configurations

SSC Session  2 — PHP Basics

  • PHP Delimiters and Comments
  • Variables and Datatypes in PHP
  • Type Casting & Type Juggling.

SSC Session  3 — Decisions

  • Comparison Operators and Conditions
  • IF and ELSE Control Structure
  • Logical Operators

SSC Session  4 — Multiple Control Structures and Loops

  • Multiple Control Structures

SSC Session  5 — PHP Functions and Variable Scopes

  • Creating Code Re-usability with Functions
  • Function and Variable Scopes
  • Parameters and Return Values
  • Built-in PHP Function Libraries

SSC Session  6 — Arrays

  • Creating an Array
  • Associative Arrays
  • Creating Multidimensional Arrays
  • Traversing and Manipulating Arrays
  • Built-in Functions

SSC Session  7 — Strings

  • Manipulating Strings
  • Built-in String Functions
  • Regular Expressions

SSC Session  8 — Forms in PHP

  • Forms Review
  • Using Super global to Read Form Inputs(GET, POST,REQUEST)

SSC Session  9 — Utilizing Internet Tools

  • Environment and Server Variables
  • Using HTTP Headers , Buffers
  • Sending Emails

SSC Session  10 — Date and Time

  • PHPMyAdmin
  • Date and Time Standards
  • Date and Time Functions

SSC Session  11 — Using Files

  • Including and Requiring Files
  • Reading and Writing Files
  • Upload & Download Files
  • Reading and Writing CSV Files.

SSC Session  12 — Using Directories

  • Creating Directories
  • Reading and Writing Directories

SSC Session  13 — Cookies & Sessions

  • Cookies and Use Of Cookies
  • Session and Use of Sessions
  • Session Security.

SSC Session 14 — Object-Oriented PHP

  • Classes, Properties, and Methods
  • Object Instantiation and Class Scope
  • Inheritance, Abstraction and Polymorphism

SSC Session 15 — Advanced Concepts in Object-Oriented PHP

  • Constructors, Destructors, Constant and Magic Methods
  • Advanced Access Control: Abstract, Final, and Static
  • Interfaces

SSC Session 16 — Advanced Concepts in Object-Oriented PHP

  • Exception Handling and namespaces.
  • MVC Architecture
  • CRUD application using OOPS.

SSC Session 17 — Advanced Concepts(WEB SERVICES)

  • Design Patterns.
  • Introduction to REST,SOAP, SMTP & POP3
  • XML Parsing (reading & Writing XML Files).

SSC Section 2

SSC Session 1 — Introduction

  • History of Database, Database Modeling
  • Introductions of MySQL, MySQLI
  • Databases and Permissions

SSC Session 12 — Project, Part 3

  • Deployment
  • SQL

SSC Session  2 — Creating Tables

  • Creating and Checking Tables
  • Inserting Values into Tables
  • Retrieving Data from Tables

SSC Session 3 — Searching Through Tables

  • Exploring the “where” and “like” Keyword
  • Updating and Deleting Data

SSC Session 4 — Managing Tables

  • Altering, Renaming, Deleting  Tables

SSC Session 5 — Managing Table Entries

  • Optimizing with Indexes and Keys
  • Auto_increment and Primary Keys

SSC Session 6 – Advance Concepts of Databases

  • Joins, Views & sub queries
  • Trigger , Stored Procedures and Functions

SSC Session 7 — Managing Query Results

  • Group By and Preventing Duplicate Results
  • Searching and Counting Within Groups
  • Renaming, Deleting, Limiting Results

SSC Session 8 — Database Programming with PHP

  • PHP Connection to MySQL, MySQLI using Procedural & Object.
  • Executing SQL Commands
  • Delimiting Queries

SSC Session 9 — Project , Part 1

  • Project Description
  • Table Layout  AND Table Creation

SSC Session 10 — Project , Part 2

  • Design and develop Control panel
  • User Authentication
  • Implementing categories, products, users Modules
  • Product search and Pagination

SSC Session 11 – Project , Part 3

  • Front end design
  • Listing products
  • Adding product to cart
  • Order confirmation & checkout process
  • FTP Server & C-panel
  • Creating database & importing tables
  • Output on LIVE server

SSC Section 3

SSC Session 1 — AJAX

  • Introduction
  • What is XMLHTTPRequest , ActiveXObject?
  • Sending Asynchronous request to server
  • Tracking the request
  • Output the response in desired manner
  • Cascading Select-boxes
  • Implementing AJAX in shopping cart

SSC Session 2 — jQuery

  • Introduction
  • Selectors, Filters, effects & animation
  • Form Validation
  • jQuery with AJAX
  • JQuery with PHP AND MYSQL.

SSC Session 2 — JSON

  • Introduction
  • Synatx, Filters, Http
  • Read & Write JSON Content.

SSC Section 4

SSC Session 1 — Linux

  • Introduction to Linux
  • File system
  • Basic Commands
  • Installing Apache, PHP, MySQL
  • Writing PHP code & execution

SSC Session 2 — Security

  • XSS
  • SQL Injection

Kick start your corporate career with Mind Q Systems.

Angular JS Training in Hyderabad Highlights

  • Angular Expert and certified trainers
  • Real time case studies
  • Projects induced training
  • Resume preparation
  • Guaranteed placement assistance
  • Access to recorded sessions
  • Course materials
  • Course completion certificate

Skills you will gain from our Angular JS course

  • Thorough revision of CSS and HTML
  • Architecture of angular
  • Hands on experience of typescript program
  • Manage angular app
  • Generating components and services using Angular CLI
  • Bootstrap forms
  • Configuring routes
  • Building applications using Angular CLI
  • JavaScript + DHTML
  • jQuery with database and Ajax.

Career opportunities after taking the course

There are many job opportunities in the field of Angular but nothing is certain as such. Most companies look for experience and skill as one of the foremost factors before hiring a candidate for the job. To be fully experienced with the right polished skills can definitely get you a job.

  • Web developer
  • Web application developer
  • UI developer
  • JavaScript developer
  • Front end developer / front end web developer
  • UX Developer
  • MVC web developer
  • Associate technology analyst

Angular JS Training in Hyderabad Certificate

We provide an AngularJS course completion certificate that is absolutely free and optional. The certificate can be printed out like a hard copy or given digitally according to your requirement. You can link it to your professional LinkedIn accounts which can be listed in your resume.

Who Should Learn Angular JS Training in Hyderabad?

  • Freshers or pass outs.
  • Any Graduate
  • Anybody who has knowledge in HTML and JavaScript
  • People who looking for a profitable certification course
  • Front end developers
  • Web developers, UI + UX Developers.
  • Anybody looking to profile a career in programming
  • Developers who are looking to upskill their skillset.

Angular JS Training in Hyderabad FAQ’S

How to attend a demo on Angular Training online?
We can easily arrange a demo class for AngularJS, you can get in touch with us and our team will schedule a session and keep you informed.

Can we expect any Discount for the AngularJS Training in Hyderabad Course?
There is a discount for Group and corporate in AngularJS training in Hyderabad programs, you can contact us for detailed information about discounts.

How to practice the concepts discussed in the Angular Training classes?
The trainers will provide you with practice sessions that can help you practice and track your performance.

What about Job Guarantee after Angular JS Training in Hyderabad course Completion?
We will provide all the required assistance and guidance to get placed in top companies after angular training in Hyderabad course completion and also forward your resume to the companies we tie-up. Real-time examples will be provided along with course material that will help you in gaining expertise in the course for getting the job.

Does Mind Q Systems provide certification for Angular JS Training in Hyderabad?
Yes, we will provide you with certification after the completion of the Angular JS training in Hyderabad course that is helpful to get placed in top companies easily.

Do you also provide Angular 2, Angular 4, Angular 5, Angular 6, Angular 7, Angular 8 Training?
Yes, we provide classroom, online training on Angular 2, Angular 4, Angular 5, Angular 6, Angular 7, Angular8.

Will you provide Angular Material during the course?
Of course, we will share a pdf material with students during the Angular course.

What are Modes of Angular Js Training in Hyderabad?
We provide Classroom, Online & Video courses for students based on individual preference.

What if I miss any class of the AngularJS Training Program?
You can join in any live batch of Angular courses in Mind Q, or we will provide a backup class with a trainer.

Do you provide individual training on Angular, Angular 8, and AngularJS?
Yes, we do provide training on individual preference, it may be Angular, Angular 8 and AngularJS training.

Angular JS Training in Hyderabad Features

We offer a wide range of high quality teaching combined with practical, extra-curricular activities.

Instructor-Led Training Sessions

Our trainers are highly equipped with experience of over 12+ years and will be available to clarify and confirm any queries and details regarding the courses.

Expert Trainers

We have nothing but the BEST in the field of software. Our trainers are real-time experts with an impeccable record of training students, professionals and corporates.

Flexible Schedule

We organize classes throughout the day at our scheduled timings. You can opt in for a demo according to your plan and schedule.

Industry Specific Scenarios

Since our faculty belongs to the software industry, our trainers are fully aware of the concepts, upgrades and skills required in the market. They teach according to the industrial standards.

Here’s what our Students have been saying about us

We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

Mind Q Systems Provides Best Angular JS Training in Hyderabad. Experience with classes is good.

Rajesh Kanna

Mind q Best place for Angular JS Training in Hyderabad. I’m happy with their training which helped me to extend my coding skills in website development.

Sitara Joshna

Attended Angular Training online, trainer teaching skills excellent and overall experience with mind Q is also good.
Anurag katta

Best place for Angular js training – a friendly environment to learn at affordable price. Here the trainer guided me Angular coding.
Gopi Manhoar

Attend Classes on Angularjs. Mind Q systems best Angular JS training in Hyderabad. Trainer guided me on how to work on building mobile and web applications using Angular Javascript. I recommend Mind Q for an Angular JS course.
Malvika Singh

Mind Q is one of the best places to join for Angular JS Training. Trainer will focus on every individual during the course. They even provide training on Angular, Angular 8, and AngularJS based student’s preference.
Anil Kumar

Myself took online training for Angular js in Mind Q Systems. After the demo session, they scheduled batch timings based on my preferable timings. Trainer guided me each and every topic involved in Angular js.

I got placed as an angular developer. Mind Q provides the best training faculty and focuses on every individual. Thanks, Mind Q, for helping me build my career as an Angular developer. I’ll recommend Mind Q for Angular JS Training in Hyderabad.

Mind Q provides a friendly environment to learn and explore software courses. Myself enrolled here for Angular JS Training in Hyderabad & joined. Trainer guided with Angular modules evolved and helped with individual topics.

Enrolled for Angular JS Online training in MindQ. Real-time working trainer. Trainer guided with each topic. Nice place to learn Angular JS.

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