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About Java Training in Hyderabad

Java is one of the most popular programming languages that is widely used for building applications, back-end server development projects, android development as well as computing various applications. Java is one of the top in-demand job roles in 2022 with an average salary of Java developers stacking up to $70,000-$90,000 per year. MindQ offers the best Java Training in Hyderabad with certified and experienced Java trainers. We follow practical, project oriented training methods that push the students to develop the right Java skills. We cover all the concepts of core java that include OOPs, interfaces, JDBC, collection classes and garbage collection etc that really help the students become competent during job trials and interviews. We offer placement assistance that is inclusive of mock interviews, resume assistance, behavioral guidance etc. A Java Training course completion will be given towards the end of the course. Java training in Hyderabad by MindQ is flexible for both beginners and professionals, making it one of the most credible courses.

Java Training in Hyderabad Curriculum

Complete Java

Introduction to Java

  • Java Language
  • Java Platforms
  • Java Technologies
  • History of Java

Java Vs C

  • Similarities between C and Java
  • Differences between C and Java

Standard Edition of Java

  • JDK
  • PATH

Java Application Development

  • Developing, Compiling and Executing a simple Java program
  • Details of main() of a stand-alone Java program


Data Types

    • int
    • float
    • char
    • double
    • boolean
    • short
    • long
    • byte

Object Oriented Programming through Java

      • Encapsulation
      • Class
      • Implementing Inheritance in Java
      • Types of Inheritance
      • Super class
      • Sub class
      • Constructors in Inheritance
      • Method Overriding
      • abstract classes
      • abstract methods


      • Static polymorphism
      • Dynamic polymorphism
      • Static binding Vs Dynamic Binding


      • Interface Vs abstract class
      • Role of interfaces in Real time projects
      • Interfaces inheriting from other interfaces
      • Declarative Multiple Inheritance using


ˇ Packages

ˇ String Handling

      • String
      • StringBuffer
      • StringBuilder


Exception Handling

      • Types of Errors
      • Need of Exception Handling
      • try, catch, throw, throws, finally
      • try with resources
      • Exception Hierarchy
      • User defined Exceptions



      • Byte Oriented Streams
      • Character Oriented Streams
      • java.io.File class
      • Object Serialization




      • Object
      • Attributes(properties)
      • Operations(methods)

Core Java

Leaders in Training

        • Reference Vs Object
        • Real time Object Oriented Examples


        • No argument constructor
        • Parameterized constructor
        • Constructor Overloading
        • Explicit Vs Implicit Default Constructor Wrapper Classes Accessibility Modes
        • private
        • protected
        • default
        • public

Inter-Object Communication

        • Message Passing
        • Message Sender
        • Message Receiver
        • Message

Arrays static Modifier

        • static variables
        • static methods
        • static blocks
        • static classes

Method Overloading


        • Multi tasking Vs Multithreading
        • Life cycle of a thread
        • java.lang.Thread Vs java.lang.Runnable
        • Developing Multithreaded Java


        • Synchronization
        • Dead lock
        • Inter-thread communication

Inner Classes

        • Inner class
        • Nested class
        • Different types of inner classes

java.lang.Object class

Garbage Collection



Dealing with date and time

Collection Framework

        • List based collection interfaces and classes
        • Set based collection interfaces and classes
        • Map based Interfaces and classes
        • Cursors in collections
        • Generics in Collections
        • Collection Vs Collections
        • Java.util.Comparator Vs
        • Java.lang.Comparable

ˇ Annotations

ˇ Java 8 features

ˇ Java application development

using Eclipse IDE

Advanced Java


  • Introduction
  • Jdbc Architecture
  • Types of Drivers
  • Statement
  • ResultSet
  • Read Only ResultSet
  • Updatable ResultSet
  • Forward Only ResultSet
  • Scrollable ResultSet
  • PreparedStatement
  • Connection Modes
  • SavePoint
  • Batch Updations
  • CallableStatement


  • Introduction
  • Web application Architecture
  • Http Protocol & Http Methods
  • Web Server & Web Container
  • Servlet Interface
  • GenericServlet
  • HttpServlet
  • Servlet Life Cycle
  • ServletConfig
  • ServletContext
  • Servlet Communication
  • Servlet-Browser communication
  • sendError
  • setHeader
  • sendRedirect
  • Web-component Communication
  • Forward
  • Include
  • Servlet-Applet Communication
  • Session Tracking Mechanisms
  • HttpSession
  • Cookies
  • URL-Rewriting
  • Hidden-Form Fields
  • Filters & Wrappers
  • Listeners
  • Web-Security


  • Jsp LifeCycle
  • Jsp Implicit Objects & Scopes
  • Jsp Directives
  • page
  • include
  • taglib
  • Jsp Scripting Elements
  • declaratives
  • Scriptlets
  • expressions

Jsp Actions

  • Standard Actions
  • useBean tag
  • setProperty tag
  • getProperty tag
  • include tag
  • forward tag
  • param tag
  • plug-in tag
  • params tag
  • fallback tag
  • directives tag
  • scriptlet tag
  • expression tag

Custom Actions

  • Classic Tags
  • Simple Tags

JSTL & Tag Library


  • MyEclipse


  • Tomcat
  • Weblogic


  • 1. Oracle

Learn with Mind Q, Kick start your corporate career.

Java Training in Hyderabad Certificate

We provide a Java course completion certificate that is absolutely free and optional. The certificate can be printed out like a hard copy or given digitally according to your requirement. You can link it to your professional LinkedIn accounts which can be listed in your resume.

Who Should Take the Java Course?

  • Any graduates
  • Freshers or immediate passed outs
  • Candidates interested in programming languages
  • Candidates looking to settle in the field of programming.
  • People with knowledge in C programming
  • People with basic computer knowledge
  • People looking for a profitable course certification training program.


Skills you will gain from our Java course

  • Complete knowledge in Java language and all its components.
  • Developing, Compiling and Executing a simple Java program.
  • Practical hands-on experience in handling data types.
  • Understanding of polymorphism and its types.
  • Core Java concepts with real time projects.
  • Knowledge in OOPs, interface, design patterns, algorithms, data structures etc.


Career opportunities after taking the course

  • Java developer
  • Java architect
  • Java web developer
  • Java android developer
  • Java EE developer
  • Core Java Developer
  • Java Application Developer


What are the prerequisites for the Java course?

There are no prerequisites for the Java course however, basic knowledge in programming languages would be beneficial.

Why to choose MindQ for Java Training in Hyderabad?

We have an experienced team of Java trainers at MindQ who will conduct the training in practical methods. Courses at MindQ are tailored to get all the knowledge required to crack certification exams and get placed easily.

Can we attend Java Training in Hyderabad Demo Classes?

Yes, you can attend the demo classes for Java Course at MindQ that will help you familiarize with the learning techniques.

What if I miss a Java Training in Hyderabad class?

We will provide backup classes for Java Course or you can join our next live classes at MindQ.

Can we contact you even after Java course completion for any queries?

Yes we will be available for you even after your Java course completion for assistance on any topics related to your course.

For more queries, you can contact us at

Number: 040-66664291/92

Mail : info@mindqsystems.com

Learn with Mind Q, Kick start your corporate career.

Java Training in Hyderabad Course Features

We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

Instructor-Led Training Sessions

Our trainers are right on your screen available to answer any question you may have.

Expert Trainers

We encourage nothing less than the BEST. Our trainers are real-time experts with years of experience.

Flexible Schedule

We have classes on most hours of the day. You plan your availability accordingly and schedule a demo.

Industry Specific Scenarios

Since all our faculty hail from industry, our trainers are masters in explaining scenarios that are used and preferred in the market.

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