What is Regression Testing?

As we are in the Agile process, developers and testers are always work with strict timelines, quick sprint deliveries.

So, build by build release, We less care about existing modules are working fine. But this is not the case always, sometimes, newly added features are going to disturb the existing functionality.

So, whenever a change is occurring in build, we need to do impact analysis and need to re-run the test cases, which are important or most related to new changes in the build.

So, we need to plan a proper strategy for regression testing right from the build1 and need to do modifications according
with every Sprint.

So, What are the challenges you faced during regression testing?

Well, as I told you, Sprints are very quick, so we need to balance the sprint development and regression testing. My choice is to go with Automation so that we can overcome this problem.

But, we need to do modifications in Automation Script as required.

Well, You said you worked in eCommerce Project, Can you please tell me how you picked test cases for that project?

Sure, I worked in the Payment Gateway module, so whenever a new gateway is added, I’ve two things to do, first, one is to re-run all test cases, or identifying impacted areas like Checkout Process, Email confirmations, OTPs and testing them. So once I have done with regression of prone areas, if required I’ll go with end to end regression for a complete module, otherwise NO.

Ok, Can you tell me how you prioritized the test cases?

Well, Usually I’ll examine the changes done in build, then I’ll take a look at all test cases belongs to the module, and will check their severity. So I go with high severity test cases first and then follow the order.

Good, You’ve 5 yrs experience, So Any guess on % of getting high priority, medium, low priority bugs for any project?

Well, I cannot say exactly, since it depends on project complexity, but I can guess, it follows 10:30:60 order.

10% => High Priority | 30% => Medium Priority | 60% => Low Priority

So, we need to take care of all, irrespective of priority.

So, the last question, What are the things you do/consider before going for Regression Testing?

First, I’ll review the regression suite, will make necessary changes if required. Then will calculate the time for execution.

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